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In general, we should have always 4 branches in all frontend, backend, webservice and main

  1. Live branch: the branch with the "old" system before the roll-out ( is still using this)
  2. beta branch: all our "live" systems are currently pointing to beta and therefore anything that will be loaded here should be properly tested
  3. test branch: This is used by the support team (Karla, Hector, Karla and myself) to test new functionality that is ready to be pushed to the beta system (mainly roll out issues and corrections and bugs from Esteban)
  4. develop branch: which is the branch we will use for new development (Selections, Dashboard, new Tasks and Users structure,...)


NOTICE: Use the same structure and folder names always!

Cloning branches


  • directory name: buildtools_frontend
  • new git url: git remote set-url origin


  • directory name: buildtools_backend
  • new git url: git remote set-url origin


  • directory name: buildtools_webservice
  • new git url: git remote set-url origin


  • directory name: buildtools_main
  • new git url: git remote set-url origin

Merges Procedural

  1. check your branch: git checkout develop
  2. merge into develop any other branch: git merge --no-ff origin/branchname
  3. git push origin develop