Using A Treadmill To Increase Speed For A Speed And Agility Training Program

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When starting a speed and agility training program many of today's athletes ignore one of the most important aspects of achieving desired results, and that is diet and nutrition. Whether it's Nathan's work in the gym with high school rugby, basketball, and cricket players at Newington College, his speed sessions with youth soccer players for the legendary Australian sprint coach Roger Fabri's Speed Agility Academy, or bridging the gap between the weight room and game day with the under 20s squad at the Sydney Roosters, the constant theme remains peaking for age 30—not tomorrow.

Just like the NFL advises many types of training strategies to increase speed, we must also look for different ways to get faster. Instead a football program should primarily emphasise acceleration techniques with a smaller component of top speed work so that for the rare occasions that a full sprint is required, the player is able to maintain his top speed for longer.

Mimic this movement when running sprints to ensure a powerful start. This doesn't mean there is no room in your training for that kind of sprinting. This appears to come from the false assumption, as mentioned earlier, that stride frequency is the common limiting factor in sprint performance.

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By adding a plyometric component to these drills, athletes will also learn how to land correctly. Interestingly, the opposite has been found for female athletes, with improved performance correlating with increased stride frequency (Paruzel-Dyja et al. 2006).

The Science of Speed: Determinants of Performance in the 100m Sprint. In acceleration, we execute our drills sometimes using partnered band resistance to potentiate and reinforce positive postural lean. Strength Training: Stronger leg muscles mean more force to push against the ground with each stride.