How To Increase Acceleration And Become A Faster Athlete

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Having quick feet is important in basketball. Resisted sprinting is commonly used in the preparatory training phase among successful sprint groups 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 However, the resistance loading varies across groups and individuals. Future studies of experimental models designed to reflect the circumstances of elite athletes are needed to gain further insights regarding the efficacy of various recovery modalities on sprint performance.

It would be of interest to investigate maximal sprinting during the entire acceleration phase for non-trained adults or children to confirm the transitions to be a result of constraints of the human locomotor system. Cross MR, Brughelli M, Samozino P, Morin JB. Methods of power-force-velocity profiling during sprint running: a narrative review.

Strength training is a great base for speed but sprinting induces activation and contraction velocities of the hamstrings that cannot be repeated with weights. Thinking about breaking a pane of glass with your knee, especially in thes first few strides out of the gate is a great way to visualise and improve a strong powerful knee position.

The 100-m sprint performance time and all 20-m split times had a significant near-perfect negative correlation with maximum velocity (r ≥ -0.90) except for the 0 to 20-m split time, where a significantly large negative correlation was found (r = -0.57).

During acceleration workouts, rest times are shorter compared to speed routines - mainly because the distance covered is shorter and the metabolic build-up within the muscle won't be as severe. During speed & acceleration workouts, players must ensure to take a full (or near-full) recovery between sprints.

The ground contact time, speed of contraction and biomechanics of top end speed are very different from the acceleration phase of a sprint. I will outline below what I believe are the most important activities for an athlete to incorporate into their program to benefit their foot and leg speed which in turn will enhance athletic performance and speed over short distance.